Our original:

The Power Joint torch system for endless rotation

Download info Power Joint


Power Clutch:

For all standard
welding tasks

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Frontpull 8i with integrated
collison detection system:

Precision close to
the process

Download info Frontpull 8i


Frontpull 8:

The future is

Download info Frontpull 8


Wire Select 2.0:

Welding with
wire change

Download info Wire Select 2.0


Dual Wire 2.0:

Double-speed welding with
a high deposition rate

Download info Dual Wire 2.0


The innovative torch series for your welding tasks

With the introduction of the air-cooled robot welding torch in Germany, we offered users considerable optimization potential. Air instead of water – a small revolution – resulting in: No hoses, no leaks, no damage from leaking moisture, no superfluous components.

This success motivated us to create a torch series, in which we transferred the air-cooling principle to the single wire torches of our product line. The results are compelling: From the Power Joint for robots with inner cable dress and a limitless torch rotation (even beyond 360°) up to our latest development Frontpull 8i, one for all.

Our torch systems are compatible with all common robots of ABB, FANUC, KUKA, MOTOMAN and other robot manufacturers.

Gallery Torch Series

High-Speed Video microMIG

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Single wire air-cooled

Weld Package Frontpull 8i

Weld Package Frontpull
8i Lite

Weld Package Frontpull 8

Weld Package Frontpull 7

Weld Packages
Single wire

Weld Package Power Joint

Weld Package Power Joint Lite

Weld Package Power Clutch

Weld Package Wire Select 2.0

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Single wire

Weld Package Water Joint

Weld Package Water Joint Lite

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Dual wire

Weld Package
Dual Wire 2.0

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Single wire air-cooled
Semi Automatic

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Weld Package
Single wire air-cooled

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Stand-Alone Torch