Our Weld Packages:
Customized solutions for your applications

The technological requirements for fulfilling your welding tasks are quite complex. There is an extensive and confusing range of products on the market. So, how can you find the right solutions for your task?
Our Weld Package concepts are designed to support our customers in selecting and combining the welding technology required for your needs.  

SKS Weld Packages are preconfigured turnkey solutions consisting of torch systems, all components of the welding machine, consumables and spare parts, and the robot-specific equipment needed for your application.
Different features of the welding machine and the torch system are available to suit the particular type of robot and task. Each Weld Package can be individually assembled – from the cost-optimized entry-level system up to the fully networked plant concept with traceability function.

The names of our Weld Packages are based on the welding torch systems used in each individual package.